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The Art of Patina

The Art of Patina Patina is described in the Cambridge Dictionary as „a thin surface layer that develops on something because of use or age“. While one might think that patina is developed over time as a testimonial of quality, there has been a new interpretation of this word in the last years.

Beautiful subtle Patina by Malfroid. Source: malfroid.com Different Steps of the Patina process at Berluti. Source: berluti.com

Patina is not only something that is achieved over time but a whole group of Patina artists is providing their own artistic interpretation, giving a distinct look to shoes with the help of dyes and creams.

In this article we want to introduce you to the art of patina and the new patina artist network that you can find on saphir.com.

The art of patina has been used by several brands in the world of footwear like Berluti, Corthay, Septieme Largeur, Malfroid or Gaziano Girling for many years to give their shoes a colorful and artistic look. The vivid colors and shading can often be personalized to the customers desire when purchasing a new pair, making it a unique and customized piece.

Source: corthay.com

A Patina is usually created by stripping the original finish of the shoes and recoloring the leather using Saphir teinture francaise to create a beautiful shading and different colors.

But not only for new shoes it can be interesting to apply patina to elevate their look. Worn shoes can have an entire new life when given to a Patina Artist. Not only are Patina Artists experts with dyes and brushes, they also know how to condition and revive the leather.

So instead of throwing away your shoes once they look worn, consider giving them to a Patina Artist. The result will be astonishing and the shoes might even look better than before. If you are looking for a Patina Artist close by you can now use the new feature on saphir.com where you can locate the closest Patina Artist. Simply head to saphir.com and choose the store locator where you can choose from a worldwide selection of Patina artists.

All Patina Artists featured there are working with Saphir dyes and products to guarantee you the best quality and a lasting rejuvenation of your shoes.

Patina Samples at Gaziano Girling Source: gazianogirling.com