The new Saphir Médaille D’Or Plant Based Wax Softener

If you find that your Saphir polishes have dried over time do not worry, this is due to the solvents evaporating. Many professional shoeshiners leave their polish to dry for some time because less solvents create a higher wax concentration which helps you to achieve a high shine faster.

If you do prefer your polishes with the original texture just like when you first opened the tin, you can easily fix dried polishes now with the new Médaille D’Or Wax Softener. The Wax Softener is a 100% plant based product made from only natural ingredients that will help you to bring dried polish back to life.

It is normal that over time the solvents in our Pate de Luxe or Mirror Gloss polish evaporate which can cause the texture of the polish to change. This makes the polish drier and might even cause cracks on the surface. Still this does not affect the polishing and nourishing qualities of the polish since all the precious waxes remain and only the texture changes, therefore we introduced the plant based Wax Softener.

Many professional shoeshiners prefer the use of slightly dried polish. Source @malfroidshoes on Instagram

With this product you can replace the evaporated solvent with simply one or two sprays into the tin and you will find that the polish immediately absorbs the Wax Softener and finds back to its original texture.

But there are more possibilities to use the Wax Softener. If you want to clean your Application and Polishing brushes and remove dried cream but you don’t want to use any toxic solvents that harm your health and might damage the brush you can use the plant based Wax Softener to remove old and dried cream from your brushes.

It is also possible to simply apply the Wax Softener to your polishing cloth before touching the dried polish.

Like this you can have softer polish for the first layers which will help to fill the pores of the leather quicker and then use the drier polish from the tin without the Wax Softener for the last layers to bring it to a high shine really fast.

This could be regarded as a pro-tip just to show you the great possibilities to achieve a high shine with our products.

Source: @romaincarre_artisanducuir on Instagram

We hope we could give you a little introduction to our new Wax Softener in this article. If you have questions regarding the Wax Softener or any of our other products feel free to write us to or contact us through our Instagram channels @saphir_medailledor and @saphir_official.