The Saphir Médaille d’Or Cleanser

Today we would like to look at the most gentle of our cleaning products, the Médaille d’Or Cleanser. For our customers that want to preserve the mirror shine or the patina created on their shoes, the Cleanser is the perfect cleaning product.

As you might know, when polishing your shoes to a mirror shine you need to build up several layers of wax to fill all the pores of the leather and to create a smooth surface on which you then create the mirror shine. Still your shoes need regular cleaning and care with nourishing creams. A great solution is the Cleanser because it removes soil and dirt without removing the entire wax build-up which makes it substantially easier to bring back the mirror shine.


The Cleanser is designed to gently clean leathers and can therefore also be used on shoes and leather goods made of delicate leathers. If you find that over time a nice patina has developed on the leather or you even had a patina artist create a patina with leather dye, you don’t want to risk to accidentally remove this patina with a stronger cleaning product. With the Cleanser you can gently remove dirt and excess waxes but the finish of the leather and the patina will remain.

With the Cleanser you prepare the pores of the leather for the absorption of the nourishing ingredients of our creams and since it contains special montan wax you will find that it is very easy to bring your shoes to a high shine after cleaning them. Especially for those of you who regularly clean their shoes it is recommended to use the Médaille d’Or Cleanser to not overly strain the leather and harm the finish.

Simply use a soft cloth to clean the leather with the Cleanser. Source:

Simply give it a shake and use a soft cloth to remove dirt and excess waxes all over the shoe. You will find that in areas like the toe where you might have built up a mirror shine, the base of wax will remain. After letting the leather dry you can proceed with nourishing creams like the Médaille d’Or Renovateur or 1925 Pommadier Cream. The pores of the leather will be able to absorb the oils and other ingredients because they have been prepared with the Cleanser. After buffing the leather you can then polish the areas you want to bring to a mirror shine and you will find that it is significantly easier since the base of wax has been preserved.

If you have delicate leather goods like for example a handbag made of Nappa leather, you can gently clean the leather without the risk of discoloration or damaging the finish. A great choice for taking care of your delicate leather goods is the Cleanser in combination with the Médaille d’Or Nappa Cream. Like this you can keep them clean and nourished and genuinely increase their lifetime.


Another leather that needs to be cleaned very gently is Cordovan. As you might have read in our previous article on Cordovan, Cordovan leather has a very special finish that is composed of waxes to give it its characteristic surface. This finish can easily be damaged by stronger cleaning products or solvents. With the Cleanser you can clean your Cordovan shoes or leather goods without the risk of damaging the finish.

We hope we could give you an insight in the great possibilities you have with the Médaille d’Or Cleanser. If you have any further questions please contact us through or through our instagram channels @saphir_medailledor or @saphir_official.

Written by Louis Lampertsdörfer (@louislampertsdoerfer)