AVEL Products to maintain the beauty of your Car Interior

For many of us who commute to work the car can become something of a second living room. Just like our homes, the interior of a car needs regular maintenance so that this second home remains a place of comfort.

No matter whether you just bought a car and you want to protect its interior or you find that after a few years it is time for a rejuvenation, there is a wide range of AVEL products that help you to take care of the interior of your car.

1. Cleaning leather seats and panels

First we need to get rid of any possible stains and dirt that has accumulated over time. For that the Smooth Leather Cleaning Soap is the perfect choice. It is important to first clean the leather so that any other products, whether it is nourishing lotions or re-pigmenting creams, can be absorbed by the leather.

The Smooth Leather Cleaning Soap is an entirely colourless product with a non-alkaline formula, this makes it safe to use on even the most delicate leathers without the risk of stains or de-coloration. Simply dip the moist sponge or brush into the soap and apply it evenly over the surface you want to clean, giving it a gentle rub in a circular motion to remove any dirt. Depending on the amount of staining this procedure can be repeated several times until you find the leather has been brought back to its original clean look and feel. 

If your interior is also made of alcantara or textiles, or you want to clean the carpets inside your car choose the AVEL Cleaner Special Textiles. Not only will It clean the textiles it also serves as a disinfectant and removes any odours. Apply it with the clean cotton cloth that comes with it, there is not an even a need to rinse afterwards. 

2. Moisturising

Just like with any other leather, after the cleaning comes the moisturising. Even though the Smooth Leather Cleaning Soap is a gentle cleaner we need to provide the leather with nourishing oils that maintain its softness and prevent cracking.

This is particularly important with carseats that tend to be bent and flattened when sitting down. Here the leather needs to be nourished to prevent any cracking over time. To nourish the leather in your car interior you can choose between different products, depending on the interior of your car and your personal preference. 

The Renovating Balm Cream and Lotion

These two products are created from a mink oil based formula that provides all the necessary nourishing ingredients that leather needs. Whether you choose the balm or the lotion depends on your personal preference. Apply it all over with a dry cotton cloth, let the leather absorb the product and then buff it with the same cloth to a subtle shine.

If you prefer a more matte look there is the Liquid Leather Matte Balm that provides the same nourishment but will create a more matte look. 

For braided leather interiors or perforated leather interiors where the application of creams and lotions can be tricky, you can choose the AVEL Leather Care Wax Spray.

This Spray is also the perfect product for new cars. The leather in new cars doesn’t need as much hydration as a car that is 5 years and older. So in the beginning you can only use the AVEL Leather Care Wax Spray, it will keep the leather in a perfect condition. 

A spray makes it easier to apply nourishing balm on uneven surfaces like braided leather. Source: automobil-produktion.de 

The Spray is based on the same ingredients like the Renovating Balm Cream and Lotion but is easier to apply on uneven surfaces where cream could gather in cavities and perforations. 

3. Protecting

The last step is to protect the leather from future stains and dirt. For this the AVEL Stain Protector Spray is the perfect choice. It creates a protective layer on the leather that makes it resilient to liquids and dirt. It can be sprayed all over and you don’t need to do anything else then applying it and letting it dry. It is usually enough to apply the spray every 4 months but this depends on the frequency the seats are being used. The driver’s seat might require a more frequent application, than the passenger seats.

These three steps are a great care routine that will keep your car interior in a pristine state, which will not only make it more pleasant to ride in your car but will also maintain its value. 


In case there has been some damage done to the leather inside your car, don’t worry the AVEL range also offers products to fix that.

If there is an oily stain on the leather or textile the AVEL Hussard Cleaner will remove it reliably without leaving a ring. It also works for ink, grease and many other substances. Apply it with a clean cloth and gently wipe away the stain.

If the leather starts to loose its colour over time or a certain area starts to age quicker than others, there are two products we have for you that completely revive the appearance of the leather and take it back to its original state. The AVEL Creme Pigmentaire Teintante and the AVEL Fixateur Creme Pigmentaire. These two products will create a completely new finish on the leather and can be regarded as a rejuvenation for any leather.

After you have cleaned the leather with the Smooth Leather Cleaning Soap and have left it to dry, you can apply the Creme Pigmentaire Teintante with a sponge or a dry and clean cloth all over the leather. Then apply the Fixateur Creme Pigmentaire which will fixate the finish on the leather. After letting the first layer dry it is usually best to give it another coating since the first serves as a primer. You will find that this will help you to get rid of any decolouration, staining or bleaching through sun rays and friction. The Creme Pigmentaire Teintante is available in many different colours and can also be made in a customised colour for you upon request. After you have applied the two products and are happy with the result it is best to give it a layer of the Stain Protector Spray to protect the new finish. This is especially important if the Leather is exposed to the elements like in convertible cars.

Written by Louis Lampertsdörfer