The new Saphir Medaille d’Or Sneaker Care Range

With the uprising of a more casual dress code and the increasing popularity of sneakers even in the high fashion world, the need for high quality sneaker care has been given. While many appreciate how well made leather shoes age over time, this might not account for sneakers that look their best fresh out of the box.

The materials used by luxury brands for their sneaker line often are delicate high quality leathers that are also found on their classic shoes, so to maintain their original look and to offer a genuinely specialized product range Saphir Médaille d’Or has introduced the Sneaker Care Range.

This range of products has been developed in cooperation with prestigious luxury brands especially for their sneakers with the same unparalleled standards as all other Médaille d’Or Products.

Since Sneakers require different care than classic leather shoes, the Sneaker Care Range offers 4 individual products that each serve one specific purpose when taking care of your sneakers. In this article we will give you an overview of the possibilities offered by the new Sneaker Care Line.

1. The Foam Cleaner

The Foam Cleaner is free from any harmful chemicals and can be used to clean not only smooth leathers but every material you might find on sneakers. Whether it is smooth leather, suede, nubuck, nappa, stretch, mesh, textiles or crepe.

After removing any dust with a brush and soiling with some water, give the foam cleaner a good shake and apply it all over the shoe. Let it soak there for 4-5 minutes. Its unique formula creates a foam that lifts the dirt from the surface and restores the original look of the shoe. Work it into the material with a brush. Once the foam has absorbed the dirt, brush it off with one of our natural bristle brushes. Rinse the brush frequently while brushing off the foam. Wipe it afterwards with our Technical Cleaning Cloths.

2. Technical Cleaning Cloths

When cleaning your sneakers it is better to use a cloth developed especially for very delicate materials or synthetic leathers.

The Technical Cleaning Cloths have been developed to easily remove dirt while still being gentle enough to not damage any material.

There are three cloths in the package and the best thing is they are completely washable and can be used all over again.

3. The Deep Cleaner

The Deep Cleaner is a unique natural product that is free from any harmful chemicals or resins. This is important since the materials used on sneakers can react strongly to certain chemicals. The Polyurethane used for the soles can for example change color when exposed to strong solvents.

This is something you can see especially on white sneakers where the soles turn yellow when exposed to strong solvents and sunlight. With the Deep Cleaner you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Use the Deep Cleaner if necessary after the Foam Cleaner. It is particularly effective with stronger stains and can even remove tar. This can be especially useful in summer when tar on the roads can mark your sneakers. These kind of stains are very difficult to remove and we are proud to provide a unique product that can cope with even the most persistent stains.

Apply it with a cloth or a brush to access harder to reach areas of the sneaker.

4. The Protector Spray

After you have cleaned your Sneakers and have let them dry the Protector Spray will prevent them from being soiled again. Its water based formula will create a protective layer on the surface that shields your sneakers against dirt and grease.

It is completely colorless so it won’t alter the colour of your white trainers. The spray works with compressed air and therefore is environmental friendly and safe to bring on to airplanes.

We recommend you to take a tissue and waterproof half of it with the Protector Spray.

After letting it dry over night, spray it with some water and you will find that even a tissue won’t absorb water where it has been protected with our Protector Spray.

Because we avoided any use of butan or petroleum gases the protector spray doesn’t harm the environment and even better doesn’t harm your health. It is absolutely safe to be used indoors since it works only with compressed air.

Because it is so efficient the Protector Spray can also be used on normal shoes, raincoats and umbrellas. For those of you that want to protect their highly polished shoes we still recommend the Medaille d’Or Super Invulner since it is more suitable for waxed surfaces.

We hope we could give you a comprehensive overview of our new Sneaker Care Range and believe that these products present a great extension to any shoe care kit if you own or like to wear sneakers. If you have any questions regarding our products please contact us, on our Instagram channels @Saphir_medailledor or @Saphir_official or through

Written by Louis Lampertsdörfer