How to use the Medaille D’Or Super Invulner spray

Our customers often ask us how they should properly apply the Super Invulner Spray, what it is best used for and how often it should be applied.

Let’s have a look! The Medaille D’Or Super Invulner Spray is the perfect product to shield any material like leather and textiles from water, snow, dirt, grease and other possible stains.

Its highly concentrated formula is silicon and grease free and safe to use on even the most delicate materials like Nappa leather and silk. What it does is, it creates an invisible layer over the material that makes it impossible for water or any other liquid or dirt to penetrate the leather.

You can use the Super Invulner Spray to add a layer of protection to basically any material not only suede, delicate leathers and textiles.

How to use Super Invulner on Suede

Before applying the Super Invulner to suede make sure it is clean and dry. To see how to properly clean suede have a look at our how-to-guides. If the suede has been worn a lot it might be necessary to apply the Renovateur Spray. You can also find how to do that in our how-to-guides.

If the suede is clean, maintained and dry, give the can of Super Invulner a good shake and apply from a distance of approximately 20cm all over the shoe without soaking it. After the application let it dry for 30 minutes and voilà your suede is now protected against any possible stains.

How to use the Super Invulner on Textiles

The application of the Super Invulner on textiles doesn’t differ from suede. Your preparation might be different though depending on the textiles. For velvet for example a gentle brushing might be enough, if you have a more resilient canvas you can clean it with water and a sponge. Or in case it got really dirty the Omni Nettoyant is a great choice to clean it. The important thing is that the material is dust free, clean and dry before the application of the Super Invulner.

How to use the Super Invulner on smooth leathers

On smooth leathers we first need to go through the normal cleaning and maintenance procedure.

Depending on the leather, give it a clean using the Reno’Mat or the plant based Cleaner. If there Is only very little dirt or you just want to remove some old layers of wax use the Medaille D’Or Cleanser.

After cleaning choose the right cream to nourish the leather, for example the Renovateur for leather that needs to be rehydrated, our Cream 1925 with its recolouring qualities, for delicate leathers the Nappa Cream or for Cordovan leather the Cordovan Cream. The cream should always be chosen for the type and state of the leather.

After the hydrating and nourishing you can give the leather an optional polishing with our Pate de Luxe polish and Mirror Gloss.

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After all these steps the leather is nourished and already quite well protected because our creams and polishes also have protecting qualities and also form a protecting layer on the leather. Still if you plan to wear your shoes in really harsh weather conditions and strong rain you can now at this stage apply a layer of Super Invulner as already described above. Like this your shoes are really protected and shielded from any possible penetration of water and dirt.

Especially on Nappa Leathers it is important to apply the Super Invulner since the leather is more fragile and the Nappa Cream contains less concentrated waxes. To protect these delicate leathers from water stains or even the aging process of darkening over time from wear and contact with our skin it is recommended to apply a layer of Super Invulner regularly.

Newly bought shoes should also always be treated with Super Invulner unless you apply our creams and polishes in order to protect them. Otherwise, depending on the finish of the leather you might risk water stains and marks when the shoes are exposed to water and dirt.

Frequently asked questions by our customers

Please note that the Super Invulner should always be the last product applied since its protecting qualities will be removed by products applied on top of it. Products like polishes and creams contain solvents that will also solve the layer of Super Invulner. Therefore the Super Invulner always comes last. If you care about achieving the highest shine possible you might want to skip the application of Super Invulner since it might slightly dull the polish and shoes which are polished to such a high shine will also most likely not be exposed to extreme weather conditions and will be protected enough from the layers of polish.

This depends on how regularly you wear your shoes. As with every shoe care procedure the frequency should be adapted to how regularly you wear your shoes. If you wear your shoes very often, a weekly application of Super Invulner is recommend. Keep in mind the key to a long life for your shoes is not to wear them on consecutive days, but to give them one day of rest on shoe trees at least. If you only wear the shoes every now and then, the application of the Super Invulner can also be less frequently.

Usually the layer of Super Invulner will wear off over time when wearing the shoes, hence the need to apply it regularly. Furthermore the first step of the shoe care routine is always the cleaning of the shoe wether it is suede or smooth leather. Therefore you don’t have to pay extra attention to removing the last layer of Super Invulner. The product is designed to blend into your shoe care routine easily.

Written by Louis Lampertsdörfer (@louislampertsdoerfer)

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