The Reptile Cream has been developed especially for exotic leathers like alligator, crocodile or lizard. These leathers need special care to prevent them from cracking. Leathers with scales are likely to crack in between the scales when they get too dry. The Reptile Cream provides deep nourishment with lanolin to keep such leathers soft. The contained waxes create a nice subtle shine and protect the leather.

Reptile Leather Cream does not contain solvents. Its nurturing formula is renowned for being extremely soft and particularly suited to preserve the appearance and texture of exotic leathers.

Exotic leathers like lizard, crocodile, snake, shark, stingray...


1. Remove any dust or dirt from leather with a cloth
2. Apply the Reptile Cream sparingly using either an applicator brush or applicator cloth
3. Let the cream dry for 5 minutes
4. Polish with a soft cotton or wool cloth

Test beforehand on a non-visible area.
After applying the Reptile Leather Cream, we recommend using the SUPER INVULNER MEDAILLE D’OR. The resin-based formula enhances the protection against water, grease and dirt.

Size: 75 ml

Code: 1423007