Coated Fabric

This lotion will effectively clean the surface of most coated fabrics by removing dirt and greasy deposits that accumulate over time.

The thin protective layer of Carnauba wax applied on the surface of the treated items helps maintain the original beauty of the material. This lotion was created in collaboration with skilled leather craftsmen specifically for coated fabrics.

The product completely preserves the colour of the goods as well as logo prints, insignias, trademarks and decorative motifs.
The lotion neither clogs the grain of the fabric nor leaves any white residue. The item can be polished after application to obtain a subtle satin sheen.

All types of coated canvas (plain or printed) patent. For goods: bags, wallets, luggage.

Carnauba wax

1. Wipe the item to remove any dust or dirt
2. Shake the bottle well
3. Apply the product sparingly with a chamois cloth
4. Allow to dry for 1 hour
5. Buff to a soft sheen

Test beforehand on a non-visible area

Size: 100 ml
Code: 1454025