Crepe Brush

The natural Crepe Brush gently and thoroughly removes stains from suede and nubuck. The sticky rubber crepe ribbon attracts dirt while restoring the original finish and texture to the leather.

The brush is crafted from high-quality hand-polished Bubinga wood. The Bubinga tree (Guibourtia demeusei) is an evergreen native to West Africa. The wood is prized for its colour and durability.

The rubber crepe formation provides flexibility and stick. This uniquely soft and sticky texture makes it ideal for cleaning delicate leathers.

All suede and nubuck materials or imitation, shoes, clothing and leather goods.

1. Brush your item as per usual. Note how the stickiness of the crepe ribbon attracts the dirt with minimum effort.
2. The brush will accumulate dirt and colour from the leather over time. This will not affect its capacity to clean.
3. Suitable for daily cleaning of suede and nubuck items.

To ensure the rubber is soft and sticky, use the Crepe Brush at room temperature. Cold conditions can degrade the rubber.

Be careful to avoid using hard pressure because this damages the crepe ribbon.

Use a cloth to remove some of the excess dirt and colour that will accumulate on the brush overtime.

Length - 12cm
Width - 4.3cm
Height - 3cm

Code: 2621007