The 5 pairs of shoes you need and how to take care of them

1. The black cap toe Oxford

A must have in every wardrobe is a black Oxford. Whether for a business meeting or a night at the opera, this shoe will serve you well. In combination with a dark suit it is the embodiment of formality, but can also be dressed down with for example a checkered suit.

For this shoe you need the black 1925 Cream and some black Pate de Luxe polish. To see how to properly take care of this shoe and which shoe care products to use, see our how-to-guide on smooth leather.

A black oxford, when properly polished, can also present a genuine alternative to a patent shoe when you’re invited to a black tie event. Just give it a nice glaçage on the toe.

2. The brown Full Brogue

The brown Full Brogue is a slightly more casual alternative to the black Oxford. It’s more textured appearance derives from the patterns of little holes, called brogueing, that decorate the upper.

These holes were originally invented by farmers that wanted their shoes to dry faster after a day in rain and mud. Today most Brogues might not be used for farm work anymore but the decorativeness of those little holes is still appreciated.

When taking care of your brogues, make sure that our 1925 Cream is spread into every one of these little holes using the Saphir Spreading Brush, like that you prevent water from penetrating there.

3. The suede Loafer

Whether for a holiday on the Côte d’Azur or just a casual Friday at the office. The suede Loafer is the perfect summer shoe.

There is different versions of this style. Decorated with tassels or a saddle, with an apron stitching or plain, there is a great variety to choose from.

Suede leather is in general perceived as more comfortable compared to smooth calf leather. For your suede shoes you need the Omninettoyant to keep them clean and the Super Invulner to protect them.

Our how-to-guide on suede will recommend you the right products and how to use them, to take care of this shoe.

A nice and classic choice is for example the Cavendish by Crockett & Jones.

4. The Boot with a rubber sole

We’ve covered the sunny holiday season, now lets speak about rainy days in autumn.

On some days you just want your shoe to protect you from the harsh weather conditions and the occasional puddle you step in.

Here it makes sense to choose a shoe that covers your ankles, therefore a boot, and a shoe with a rubber sole that is more resilient to water than a leather sole.

Whether you choose a Chukka boot, a Chelsea Boot or a Lace up Boot is up to you regarding the degree of formality you require.

A very versatile choice is a black Chelsea boot, which works with a dark suit at the office but also with a pair of Jeans on the weekend. If you’re planning to go for a weekend to the countryside, how about a boot made from a grain leather? This embossed and textured leather is more resilient to tiny scratches.

5. The white trainer

Alright, we’ve covered the classics. How about a stroll on the weekend or a casual dinner with friends? For that you can’t go wrong with a pair of white trainers. Their achromatic appearance makes them a versatile companion that goes well with every outfit.

To maintain this shiny white colour, we recommend treating your trainers with our Super Invulner or the Protector Spray from the Sneaker Line, before the first wear and then after every cleaning with our Foam Cleaner or Deep Cleaner from the Sneaker Line.

This will repel dirt and stains from soil, mud or even a spilled glass of Bordeaux. Cheers!