Brass Brush

This suede brush is specifically designed to clean and re-fluff the suede pile. It is also suitable for the care of other velvety leathers such as nubuck.

The brush handle is crafted from high-quality hand-polished Sipo wood, which is a particularly dense red-brown wood with a dark grain.
The combination of nylon and brass bristles effectively removes dust and dirt.

The Brass Brush is suitable for cleaning suede and nubuck.

Rub the suede gently, paying particular attention if there are sticky residue on the surface.
Be careful not to brush in the same place too much, it could wear the fragile surface of the suede and in particular that of the nubuck.

Length – 10 cm
Width – 3,3 cm
Height – 3,5 cm

Code: 2653007