Deep Cleaner

The DEEP CLEANER will reliably remove any form of dirt or stain from smooth and synthetic leathers, as well as the sole edge of the sneakers.

100% vegetal origin extracted from plants and not harmful to humans and environment.

Its exclusive formula removes all dirt effortlessly, including the most resistant such as tar.
The application of the DEEP CLEANER in no way changes the nature of the finish and will restore its original shine.
An innovative, natural and truly effective product.

Smooth and synthetic leathers. Also suitable for cleaning the edge of the soles of your sneakers.

For fragile materials or with patterns: use the FOAM CLEANER ref. 1565.

100% plant based

1. Brush your item to remove dust and dirt from surfaces
2. Shake the product thoroughly
3. Apply the DEEP CLEANER to the dirty areas of your sneakers using the SPATULE brush ref. 2671 or the TECHNICAL CLEANING RAG from our sneaker care range Ref. 2505.
4. Brush or rub the surface to remove dirt.
5. Wipe the surface using the TECHNICAL CLEANING RAG from our sneaker care range, in order to remove the last residues and dry the surface.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 if necessary.

It is important to do a test beforehand on a hidden part.
Regarding the wide variety of finishes and colours, we recommend you to do a discreet test on the coloured, painted or printed parts.

When applying the DEEP CLEANER, it is necessary to use the appropriate brush from the Saphir range or the TECHNICAL CLEANING CLOTH Médaille D’or while ensuring the cleanliness of the brush or the tissue during each new application, to prevent a spreading of the dirt over the surface.

Remember to clean all the parts of the same colour or the same material of your Sneakers, in order to standardize the appearance and the surface.

You can then apply the products from the Médaille D’or range and use PROTECTOR ref. 1735 to protect your sneakers and prevent them from future soiling.

Some leathers or materials may give the impression of darkening slightly after the application of the DEEP CLEANER. This is normal because the non-aggressive composition of the product and its reviving properties can, in some cases, produce this effect.

The natural and non-aggressive formula of the DEEP CLEANER will allow the finish to regain its original appearance and texture after several hours.

Size: 100 ml

Code: 1574006